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rico chibac

This avant-garde 360 Film Director and co-founder of Spice VR and Spherie is taking over the VR world by storm. From rebranding to social media strategy and management, we are taking Rico’s career to the next level.

"Leilani Franco is in my eyes the perfect PA. Sure everyone has different needs of/for qualities, but she is an absolute all-around talent, who is able to fulfill every task given her in record time and setting even new standards.. . She can handle all kind of characters and personalities. Her unbelievable quality of work, never ending enthusiasm and absolute lovely persona makes her to a colleague I never wanna miss. Her brilliant mind and her outstanding aesthetic makes her on top an inspiration to everyone... who knows what art is 🖤✊🏻."
rico chibac
360 Film Director and Creator of Virtual Worlds

Motion capture

We create custom animation for your TV, Film and Games projects. Complete with motion tracking fullbody hardware and software, we deliver compatible files for Unity, Unreal Engine, and more.

VRHam! 2019

We concepted, created and produced the VRHAM! 2019 edition Interactive Playground room. From curating the experiences to designing the look, we had a lot of fun with the many guests who came by to try out the newest Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets.

emergency lab

We were selected to take part of the Emergency Lab of Kreativgesellschaft Hamburg, which aims to help companies in the creative industries affected by the current Corona Crisis. Together with our team partner Peter Unzeitig (, we consulted the company LightControl, who are doing the Technik for major events like Christopher Street Day and Hurricane Festival.


We have hosted events and given demonstrations on art and technology. We were the main guest speakers at Ukraine’s VR Frontier Festival 2019, demonstration motion tracking software, started a Creative Technology channel and hosted meetups in Hamburg with the ARTx crew.

our services


We help you digitalize and realize your full potential. From planning strategies for online courses as a dancer, to VR and AR concepts for your corporate firm, we help you understand and value the power of art and tech.


We create art and tech concepts to fit your advertising, event, personal and corporate requirements.


We offer project-based management, overseeing everything from funding applications, events, to social media strategy, and more.


We create art and tech prototypes, from VR, AR, motioncapturing, Livestream experiments, LED boards, and robots of all kinds.


We oversee media production from start to finish, assembling teams, managing, and art and tech content creation.


We give demonstrations, talks, and workshops about the power of art and technology, and how you can understand and implement it into your personal and professional lives.