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Motion Capture Services

Full Body Tracking

We provide actors and complete seamless motion tracking with Rokoko Studios Smartsuit and Smartgloves.

Easy integration into your gaming, film, tv, and media projects with Rokoko Studios Live Plugin for Unity, Blender, Unreal Engine, Maya, and more.

Facial Tracking

Seamless Face Tracking for Characters with ARKit Shape Keys with Rokoko Studios Face Add-On

Face Tracking for Characters with Bone Rigs within Blender Editor

Bespoke Animations

A wide range of movements and realistic face lip-syncing from a choice of talented actors and movers. Dance, Circus, Contortion, Martial Arts, and Traditional Acting.

We work together to create the ultimate movements and choreographies for your characters.


You deliver us your Fully-rigged Character and we will add our Animation to it within Blender, Unreal Engine, Unity and Maya.

We provide retargetting, scene clean up, and consultation.

We export and send you back your fully-animated Character.

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Consultation and concepts

We help you create.

Consultations and Innovations with a strong focus on realtime motion capture content creation, concept development, and solutions for every project.

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