Leilani Franco

Motion Capture Actress

Really bendy girl with a high-end Mocap suit, creating custom animations delivered in FBX form for your TV, Film, and Game projects. 



I come equipped with my own Rokoko and Faceware motion capture systems. I record full body and face animations, as well as live acting for TV, film, and Games.


Easily import the FBX files into your Unreal, Unity, and many other projects easily.


I specialize in circus, dance, yoga, and have a wide range of movements for both traditional acting and martial arts roles. Captured with my top quality motion tracking software and home system, I can record bespoke action and speech, specializing in circus, dance, and theatrical movements.

Motion Capture Studio

You can visit me at my home studio and hire the Rokoko suit for small and medium-sized actors in Hamburg and Berlin. We can also do director-actress live recording sessions for ultimate bespoke animations.

Check out her work

Full body and Face Capture with Rokoko Studios for Blender, Unreal Engine, Unity, and Maya.

About Leilani:

Actress and contortionist, trained since age 3 in dance, gymnastics, martial arts, music, and circus. Has a few Guinness World Records for contortion. Stage and screen highlights: Britains Got Talent 2012 semifinalist, Eurovision Turkey 2011 dancer, Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Eloize, The Box Soho, Staatsoper Hamburg, and more.

Trained at the National Circus School of Canada for contortion. Equipped with Rokoko mocap. Has a Bachelors in Media from University of Westminster London, a Masters of Creative Technology and Advanced Marketing Management from Miami Ad School Europe and Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin. Loves to combine art and tech.

Is half-British and Filipina and loves warm weather but lives in Germany.